This week I’ll maintain Co showing might work in Fine Art’s Telluride Gallery. The display starts by having an artist party on Friday. I’ll even be signing copies of Burning Man’s recently printed Second Version: Artwork Burning at Between the neighborhood bookseller, the Addresses and restaurant.

The gallery display fits in its third-year, today using the Telluride Fire Event. The function is charged in fun fire disciplines like a neighborhood party of quality. It functions large, fun, fireplace and operates three evenings -emitting artwork installations, world-class fire rotating courses fire artists, along with other actions. Ought to be a significant celebration.

Cara Pallone of KOTO Public Radio and I talked concerning the exhibit. You are able to notice the 7-second meeting below:

If create a point-of checking the event out and please stay in in the gallery party. Listed here are the facts: Scott London Artist Party in Fine Art’s Telluride Gallery.